Pacesetter 8327 Grand Prix
Digital Vehicles Pacesetter 8000 Series, professional-grade racing simulators available for purchase or rental...
Pacesetter 8327 Deluxe
Pacesetter 8327 Formula
The Pacesetter 8327 Grand Prix is our flagship model, with spectacular fiberglass bodywork enhancing the intense steering feedback, wraparound graphics, and fanatical software that make all our simulators seem so real.
The Pacesetter 8327 Formula delivers the same great racing feel as all of our simulators, with the smallest footprint and lowest cost.
The Pacesetter 8327 Deluxe also sports racy-looking bodywork as shown below, but at a lower cost and smaller size.
Winfield F1 car with 6-DOF motion
Winfield F1 simulator at Silverstone
Digital Vehicles also provides hardware, software, and development services for special projects such as these...
This huge mobile simulator by a client in Belgium features four plasma-screen qualifying units, networked together with a real F1 car atop a wild Moog 6-DOF electric motion platform, surrounded by an impressive three-channel Barco Light Cannon projection display system.
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Rothmans F1/1 simulator
And this amazing mobile simulator by a Swiss client has a real F1 car attached to a novel hydraulic arm that can flip the car completely upside down in the event of a crash.

(Yes, it's as insane as it looks)
Digital Vehicles proprietary software, driving controls,
and electronics are the hidden power behind many
of the world's most remarkable driving simulators.
Qualifying Units
Austin, Texas  USA
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