Digital Vehicles produces driving control kits that enable third-parties to create simulators with the same great driving feel as our own Pacesetters.

We provide high-performance commercial-grade components such as our powerful BoneKrusher force-feedback steering systems, geniune weighted racing pedals, paddleshifters, and vehicle control interface boards for use in OEM simulators.
BoneKrusher 9001 Steering Servo Power Amplifier
Steering Wheel Mounted Paddleshifters
Indycar Simulator with DVI Force Feedback and Vehicle Dynamics
One of Eight Networked Indycar Simulators at Sahara Speedworld
One of Sixteen NASCAR Simulators
NASCAR Simulator at Sahara Speedworld by Illusion, Las Vegas
Sahara Speedworld, Las Vegas
ESPN Zone, Times Square, New York
NASCAR Cafe, Las Vegas
GM Driving Technologies Lab at EPCOT Center
EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World Florida
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DVC6 Digital Vehicle Controller Interface Board
DVC7 Digital Vehicle Controller Interface Board
Pacesetter Rally Simulator by Camber Entertainment
Rally Logo
Pacesetter Rally Simulator by Camber Entertainment
Rally Challenge Promotion for SEAT by Leisure Link
Momo Steering Wheel
Camber Entertainment combined their expertise in sleek fiberglass bodywork with Digital Vehicles driving control kits to produce the "Pacesetter Rally" simulators below.

Digital Vehicles also worked with the developers of the renowned
Rally Championship software to integrate our driving controls into their game.  Over a dozen of these units are currently networked together in a nationwide competition sponsored by Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT, who is using the contest to raise awareness of their brand in the U.K.
Illusion Inc. licensed our advanced vehicle dynamics software and precision driving controls for use in their SpeedSports simulators, which are featured in Las Vegas, Times Square, and other high-profile locations worldwide.

Digital Vehicles also provided consulting services to develop both NASCAR and IRL vehicle models fine-tuned to their requirements.  These networked simulators, with up to 24 cars per site, include the highest-end components available, including 6-DOF motion bases, wraparound blended projection display systems, sixteen-channel sound systems, and our BoneKrusher steering feedback systems.
BRC Imagination Arts selected Digital Vehicles steering components for the General Motors Driving Technology Lab at EPCOT Center.

Digital Vehicles provided a dozen feedback steering systems and electronics for this unique attraction in Florida.  Hundreds of people a day get to try out future GM driving technologies like night vision, on simulators that combine our steering systems (tuned for "passenger car" feel)  with software by our development associate VisionQuest.
Austin, Texas  USA
Tel: 512-837-5043
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