Motion Cueing Development for Moog 6-DOF Electric Platform
3-DOF Hydraulic Motion System
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Giant Video Wall
New Concepts International Four Car Simulator Trailer
Winfield Five Car Mobile F1 Simulator
Trailer with Four Plasmascreen Qualifying Units
F1/1 Trailer
Rothmans F1/2 Trailer
Digital Vehicles Demo Trailer
Rothmans F1/1 Simulator Capable of Complete Inversion
Tiny In-Car Triple Screen Configuration
Five Networked PC Systems on F1/Mega Trailer
Custom Graphics for Corporate Brands such as Firestone
Typical Simulator Driving Components Kit
Feedback Steering Assemblies
Crowd at Silverstone around Simulator
Bridgestone/Firestone USA uses two customized Pacesetters along with show cars on an extraordinary promotional transporter.

Digital Vehicles has customized the onscreen graphics to feature the logos of the tire brands they want to promote.  Their custom transporter travels around the country to dealerships and other events where the public gets a chance to test drive the simulators while checking out the show cars
Digital Vehicles has provided custom hardware and software solutions for many amazing mobile simulation systems worldwide.

These systems travel around to races, festivals, tradeshows, and whereever people gather.  Many of them are sponsored by a corporate brand for promotional purposes, while others are operated on a pay-to-drive revenue generation basis.

In all cases, Digital Vehicles software provides a uniquely easy
"push and play" operation to accommodate high guest throughput, while our commercial-grade components are engineered to provide maximum reliability and continuous uptime.
We have developed our own motion-cueing software optimized for racecar (not airplane) feel, supporting various types of 3 to 6 DOF motion platforms.

We can also support many types of display systems, from giant wraparound projection screens, to flat plasma screens, to tiny CRT's.

Our software and hardware can be adapted to suit virtually any application.
Bridgestone Truck
Firestone Truck
Austin, Texas  USA
Tel: 512-837-5043
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