Direct X Based Demo Program by Digital Vehicles and VisionQuest
Licensed Software Code and Consulting Services on CD-ROM Titles
Large Wraparound Demo System for SEOS Displays Ltd.
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IAAPA Tradeshow in Orlando
Software Development Services
Forklift Training Simulator Controls
Airport Emergency Response Training Simulator Demo
SEOS Displays Ltd. commissioned Digital Vehicles to create a special Pacesetter without the upper CRT's to demonstrate their latest superbright wraparound projection display system.

We also customized our software to adapt to the particular "viewpoint" parameters needed to make their display appear correct from the driving position.
I*SIM Corporation uses modified Digital Vehicles simulators to demonstrate prototype training systems for Police Patrol, Airport Emergency Response, and Forklift driver training.

Digital Vehicles also developed a custom set of forklift hardware controls to their requirements.
" If you can dream it, we can help you make it real! "
Digital Vehicles has licensed our source code for several third-party consumer products.

One PC-CDROM title uses a subset of our vehicle dynamics in the unique environment of simulated slot car racing, while another title in development is a racing career simulation where you start out driving racing karts, progress to F1600, then F3, and finally to F1.
Austin, Texas  USA
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World Racer screenshot
Digital Vehicles and Vision Quest have software code available to create your own custom racing simulation for Windows.

In association with our graphics development associate VisionQuest, we have created WorldRacer, a technology demonstrator version of the Pacesetter software, that shows off a fully integrated C++ driving simulator application code base (vehicle dynamics, terrain follow, collision handling, basic AI, multiscreen-capable 3D renderer, spatial audio, networking, menu system, and overall game engine) running standalone in the Windows DirectX 8 environment.  Please inquire for more information about licensing or customizing all or part of this software.
World Racer screenshot
World Racer screenshot
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